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The Job Lady

The Job Lady

This Story is about “A Diamond in the Rough”  created “Societal Successful Pearls”

Deirdre R. Smith-Goliday “The Job Lady”  is Founder & Director of Mentoring Moms Parents Program for the following reasons:

I became “A Diamond in the Rough” when I had my “Pearls” son Lamar Tipton when I was 17 and young adult mom at 19 with Jessica Goliday & Derrick Goliday Jr. at 25.  As society would have it I was not supposed to be a contributing citizen, responsible parent, or raise healthy productive children.  But, through trials & tribulations I had SUPPORT & GUIDANCE from my mother, father, grandmothers/grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, church mothers, friends, teachers and community mothers/fathers; but, most of all I had SELF-DETERMINATION instilled in me as a child.  Last but not least  “GOD”!!

I became a “Sparkling Shiny Diamond” when my young adult children became “Societal Successful Pearls”.  Lamar Tipton  has his Masters Degree currently working for Corporate of Goodyear, Jessica Goliday  has her Degree in Broadcasting & Communications and did not have my grandson Jerrell White, Jr until she was 23,  and Derrick Goliday, Jr 22,  currently in college and has a son Jordan.  All of my children are employed and living life to the fullest!!

I know now that I would not be the woman or mother I am today without my SUPPORT SYSTEM.  I am a living testimony that it does take the VILLAGE to raise contributing citizens, healthy productive children and responsible parents!!   THANK YOU ALL!!

It is and has been my PASSION & PURPOSE  to help the most disadvantaged teen/young adult parents and adults for over 25 years.  Over the past 25 years I have obtained education/experience in assisting teen/young adults and adults to become and maintain self-sufficiency through personal/career development, essential skills, parenting classes and career/employment opportunities to become contributing citizens and responsible parents while they raise healthy productive children.

I believe that every:  “Negative Situation has a Positive Outcome with Support”